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Day 4 cont: Discoveries

October 16, 2012

On the road from Athens towards Atlanta, have an errand to run.  On the way we are going to find my bulldawg.  First stop Anthens Interiors Markets – an eclectic mixture of used (antiques), crafts, and new.  very cool.  Picked up some christmas presents (so can’t list them here, you might be reading) and saw my dawg!!! However, he looked a bit mangey and was high priced.  We were determined to find it cheaper and cleaner.  On the road we go toward the Loews Stone Mountain. 

the drive was beautiful – leaves turning.  the roads here in Georgia are the cleanest Ive seen, amazing.  The weather was crystal clear (a little damp from an early morning rain) warm, and beautiful.  While hunting for the Loews with the dawg, we still a sign for an antique, fleamarket warehouse.  Bingo!!!!   We did  a sidetrack through historic Monroe.  There was a sign right around the corner – Ian Hendersens’ Antiques and Flea Market – 10,000 square feet of heaven.  The owner is a third generation, with a healthy slow drawl, kind eyes and and very friendly disposition.  Just like in the movies.  We walked away with platters, a coffee grinder, a metal lamp shade to make into a baby’s mobile, seltzer bottle.  We rocked it big time!

Back on the road, we stayed in a small town in Georgia, Robyn took a picture of Instant Grits, posted here for you viewing pleasure.Image

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  1. melybar permalink

    Instant Grits! I didn’t think they even sold them down yonder in tha South… heaven forbid!

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