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Day 7 Arkansas: pickin’ and travelin’

October 19, 2012

We hit the motherlode!  Arkansas, and it is still a mystery to me why, is loaded with antique and flea market stalls – of all types.  Some with real true antiques, early colonial and turn of the century.  Others just stalls, where you need to dig through the clutter and the dust to find, “the find”.  We saw several pieces of furniture, from the 20s and 30s that were right up our alley!  If only we had a Uhaul truck!  We are already planning our  next trip to include a big ole truck. 

Oh, but, I digress, I realize I did not tell you about our night in Memphis.  You might recall we went from Georgia to Memphis, only to try barbeque in memphis, and perhaps witness an Elvis citing.  We found a highly rated bbq place only two miles from our Hilton hotel, which was hosting a convention of arkansas public works employees (all men, and we will get to that in a minute).  While Robyn and I were chilling in our room and plotting our next several days of flea market picken’, the news flashes with warnings of high winds, storms, lightening, and TORNEDOS!!! The warnings were quite helpful as they described the places in your home where you should run off and hide (the bathtub for example).  As two determined women, not to be deterred from our wet or dry rub mission, we proceeded to shower, dress, and head down to the lobby bar to wait-it-out.  While sipping our cocktails and watching the ballgames, a couple of men engage us in conversation, overhearing our plans to travel to Austin.  Well, within 15 minutes, we were surrounded by the biggest (and nicest) group of rednecks you could ever be priviledged to come by.  Doug, Carl, Jeff (whom I preferred to call Jeb, as I thought it was more befitting). They could not believe that we were over 50, and even called more folks over to ogle the Califiornia women (they even insisted on Robyn taking out her id).  ,  We learned about backhoes, and fly fishing, and coyote tracking.  Enlightening!! It is interesting to note that the men in Tenessee do not age well- maybe the nights spent in bogs shooting ducks, or the days practicing for the backhoe rodeo, not sure, but 45 looked like 60.  In all seriousness, a wonderful group of folks, who were fun, funny and very nice.  The storm, continued, and forbade us from heading out for our bbq.  No worries, the boys kept us entertained.  P.S. Hilary if you are reading this, Carl asked me if I “wanted to go for a walk and talk”.  made me smile.  but I stayed in my seat.

Back to pickin’ and travelin.  We meandered around and landed in Jacksonville, Arkansas another “dry” town (what is up with this anyway??!!, no wonder everyone there had a sour look on their faces!).  In Jacksonville though, we came upon Olivers a very well appointed antiques store,  we chatted it up with the proprietor who gave us several tips on our antiqueing/flea market travels.  She pointed us to Batesville and Hardy (north of LIttle Rock and the complete opposite of where we were headed).  She said the drive was beautiful given the time of year and the changing colors of the (and yes, she said it Ryan) Foliage.  She referred us to Josie’s on the White River for dinner and a B&B in Hardy.  We took her advice (after stopping in Sherwood to get alcohol for our evening cocktails, as Batesville is also dry) and headed up the 63.  More to come, stay tuned.

Today was bittersweet for Robyn:  Happy Birthday David, you are missed, loved, and thought of often.

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