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Day 2 Athens cont

While discussing getting tatoos, Robyn says, I’d get one on my butt that reads:


Enough said. 

Day 2 in Athens comes to an end.


Day 2 Athens: Having Fun In A College Town



After a nice dinner last night, we (that would be me, Robyn, and now Hilary) came back to the hotel; the beautiful, historic Hilton Garden Inn Athens (it is neither beautiful nor historic, but that sounds so much better.  It is located downtown Athens which is super convenient).  We settled in and watched a movie – The Magic of Belle Island with Morgan Freeman.  Its an easy film, slow and comfortable to watch.  The story is a bit complex, but not movie-style complex with twisted characters and constant flashbacks.  Its complex in the way real life can be.  People dealing with their current lives, based on their lives of the past.  Lots of everyday emotions.  Great dialogue. Loved Carl or is it Diago? Cant tell behind that mask (you’ll have to see it to understand).  But like all good movies or books, they get one thinking.  “What would happen if you REALLY opened yourself up to looking at things around you?”  and I dont mean just looking with your eyes, but with your heart, mind, and soul? Opening up to look at life and the people around you with imagination.  Yep, imagination.  I grew up thinking that imagination fell into that spare childhood room in our minds that we only opened when on vacation in Disneyland or when entertaining someone elses kid you got stuck babysitting on a rainy saturday afternoon.  Nope, it appears that opening your mind and releasing your imagination, in everyday situations can help you to see things as they should be, or could be- if you let them.  Thought for the day:  “See the world with a mind full of Imagination”. Even if it is disney-esque, every place should be the Happiest Place On Earth.  Ill go for that!

Time to wake up the girls.  Anyone that knows what its like to wake up Hilary in the morning, will understand that I must have my Imagination in full swing!  or maybe not, it is naturally a bit like slaying a fire-breathing dragon.

Lving imagination

Planes, trains, automobiles and white pants after labor days

Well, we on our way! Sorry, introductions first! Im Nancy and my “almost sister” over there is Robyn. Two women friends for 30 years (if you dont count the first two when i didnt really like her) due to the lovely fact that my brother fell in love with her. Two woman close in age (shes older, but looks younger) who have passed that stage where doormen and busboys called you “miss” and now refer to you as “mam'” , when if your face is red its not because you had too much sun or cocktails, two woman who have been there for each other : through those “can i get a good price for them on craigs list” days when the kids were in their teenage years, through marriage squabbles, boyfriend breakups, through boils, locusts, feasts and famine. Weve been through everything, well almost everything. Which is why we decided to do this trip. Another adventure. But one, well, that we have some say in. So here it is, welcome to our blog A TALE OF TWO ALMOST SISTERS-ON A ROADTRIP.

hey, no snickering, this is no ordinary roadtrip. Hell no. This is THE roadtrip. Literally, cause its the only one we’ve done. This is the premise:were going to visit my fantastic, wonderful, lovely, couldnt-ask-for -a-better-daughter Hilary at school in Athens, Georgia. The University of Georgia, where she is a sophomore and a Kappa Kappa Gamma. go Dawgs!! Anyway, enough of that and back to the story, after spending a couple days with Hil, we are renting an SUV and…wait for it…..wait for it: DRIVING BACK TO CALIFORNIA. Stopping along the way in tennessee, mississippi, alabama, texas, etc to search out antiques, flea markets, and people with stories. Speaking of stories, did ya notice our picture? I wanted to say its Robyn who is really not much of a morning person. But you would know i was lying cause she would never wear white pants. Anyway ….. Unbeknownst to her – her flight left but her butt did not!! We tried to get a bit more of her story, butt, we could not.

We have a quick layover in Denver (ryan if you are reading this, get your mind out of the gutter). Robyn looking out the window of 10c, says ” where is the john denver Rocky Mountain High? This is brown and flat!” so rather than explaining the seasons and topography of colorado, i told her we are in idaho. She had a potato. Everyone is happy.

Denver airport, 1 1/2 hour layover. Hmm what to do? Cocktails!! Margaritas specifically. Go us!

Have you ever watched people at an airport? What s their motivation, their thought process? Let me pretend i was so drunk i pulled my outfit from the halloween costume bag? Really?! Lady with the ” im so in love with rerun of little house on the prairie reruns that im forever going to dress like Laura Ingalls? Laura ingalls didnt want to dress like laura ingalls! And you buford. Overalls? Really? Are the cows behind you family or livlihood… Oh sorry, its the misses.

Day 1, we’ve only just begun

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